To volunteer for one of our upcoming events or projects, please go to www.dartmouthbands.ivolunteer.com

Current volunteer needs:

Following are the types of volunteer assistance we will need throughout the year.  Thanks for volunteering!

  • Uniform washing – wash and iron 10 pairs of Symphonic Band (Marching) pants, hang and return.

  • Uniform fitting – help with measuring and snapping hems for Symphonic Band (Marching) uniforms. No experience necessary and no sewing involved. Done during zero and first periods only.

  • Fundraiser support – sort and distribute fundraiser items. Usually late in school day and right after school.

  • Chaperone concerts/assemblies – help students get into uniforms and monitor return of uniforms.

  • Parade support – preparation: inventory supplies, purchase supplies as needed (to be reimbursed); event days: help with uniforms, helmets, hems at school as we get ready; chaperones ride the bus with students to the parade and assist before, during and after the parades they return back to school.

  • Photo Day – help kids with uniforms before and after Band pictures (Band and Color Guard)

  • Elementary School Tour – ride buses and chaperone Symphonic Band students until 1:00 p.m. when they return to Dartmouth. Help a little with moving instruments on and off trucks. Lunch is provided.

  • Pops Concert Dinners – collect tickets, assist with serving lines.

  • Comedy Night – preparation: solicit advertising, organize ticket sales, arrange catering; event night: set-up, clean-up, collect tickets, serve food/drinks/snacks. We will form a large committee to work on the Comedy Night event.

  • Silent Auction – solicit donations, organize donated items into baskets, prepare baskets, run SIlent Auction.

  • Snacks and drinks – donate snacks or drinks to events such as parades, Pops Concert Dinner, Comedy Night