Dartmouth Music Newsletter
November 13, 2017
Published by the Dartmouth Music Booster Club

This Week in Band

  • Introducing Mr. Pwu
  • Field Trip to Leigh High School
  • Marching Camp Success
  • See’s Candy Holiday Box fundraiser ends tomorrow.
  • See’s Candy Bar/Lollipop Fundraiser- Symphonic Band
  • Parade Volunteers and Donations Needed – HELP NEEDED!
  • Uniform Reminders
  • Thanks for Lighting Up the Band
  • Important Parade Information

  • Permission slip are due TOMORROW 11/14 for Leigh High School Field Trip.
  • Advertise in the Concert Programs!  If you are interested, please fill out the form  Program Adverstisements. Contact Sonja Thieme  with any questions.
Introducing Mr. Pwu
We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our new band director, Mr. Jonathan Pwu. As a South Bay native, Jonathan is both honored and humbled to return and serve as an educator in the South Bay to provide a fulfilling music experience. Jonathan received his undergraduate degree in Music from U.C. Davis, where he was awarded a Departmental Citation for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Musical Performance. He was a member of the U.C. Davis Concert Band and Wind Ensemble under the direction of Pete Nowlen, and also served as manager and student conductor. In addition to his college participation he also marched Baritone in the Blue Devils B drum and bugle corps.
From 2012-2016 Jonathan served as an Instrumental Music Teacher at Saratoga High School. In his time there helped take the band to the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, the 2016 Rose Parade in Pasadena, and the Winter Percussion ensemble to the 2014 WGI Finals in Dayton. The marching band was also the 2015 Bands of America Northern California Regional champion.

Jonathan’s goal is to teach through music and prepare students for life with meaningful skills developed from a music program, including good work ethic, teamwork, and community. He firmly believes and lives by educator and speaker Scott Lang’s motto, “The more you give, the more you get.” He has served on the board of Santa Clara County Band Director’s Association (SCCBDA) and CMEA Bay Section. Outside of music, Jonathan’s passions include backpacking, cooking, and technology.

Watch for Mr. Pwu to join our classes this week!  He can be reached at
Field Trip to Leigh HS
Students in Symphonic Band (including tall flag bearers), 8th graders in Concert Band and 8th graders in Color Guard will see 2 high school field shows on Friday 11/17. Buses leave at 10:30 a.m. and should return to school at 1:30 p.m.  They need to pack a sack lunch that they can eat in the stands at Leigh, or they need to order a sack lunch from the cafeteria on their permission slip form. Please be sure permission slips are returned no later than 11/14.  
Marching Camp Success!
Thanks to all the students who attended our marching camp on Thursday!  We marched, we ate donuts and pizza, and had a fun and productive morning.  Students were able to refine the music with Mr. Pwu, march through the parking lot (finally, a place to practice turning!), practice with their sections and more.  We ended the day marching in line-by-lines with the entire band chanting counts and cheering on their fellow band mates.  We will be continuing to make progress over our last few days of early morning marching!

Special thanks to Evelyn Tran, Kaisu Savitt, Adriana Salamat, Veronica Haight and Karen Fang for stepping in to serve pizza to our hungry students.  A Big thanks to the DMS Home and School Club for providing breakfast and to Superintendent Clay and the district office staff for sending pizza.  And finally, we are so grateful to have the marching and musical guidance of Tony Pon, Rod Dunham and Mr. Pwu!
See’s Boxed Candy Fundraiser Ends 11/14/17!
The return date is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 14th.  This is a great holiday fundraiser with many items people purchase for the holidays.  Gift certificates are also a hot item for those last-minute presents you may have overlooked. Please make sure that you and your student carefully total the amounts and count your money!!! If you have any questions, please contact Julie Izor at
Cover Art Contest for the Winter Concert
The winning entry will be printed on the cover of the Winter Concert Program (seen by hundreds of Dartmouth families). All entries must be submitted by Nov. 30th. See the flier for rules and sizing guideline here.
See’s Candy Bar Fundraiser
The See’s Candy Bar and Lollipop fundraiser is ongoing.  The candy bar exchange returns to Friday,  November 17th this week.

The exchange on December 1st will be the last one to count towards the first Disney payment.

Please remind your Symphonic Band students:
– Count their money before putting in an envelope with their name and amount.
– Amount of money should cover the entire cost of one box of bars or lollipops.
– Please exchange coins for bills.  Or better yet, write a check.

And as always, if you can help on any Friday, please sign up at
Parade Volunteers and Donations – URGENT NEED
LOTS of help is needed to support our parade and field show activities.  Please consider giving of your time!  We have 2 parades and a dress rehearsal in the quad that will all need help.

While we do have chaperones for the parades, we still need uniform checkers, boys locker room supervisors, uniform rack supervisors, hair stylists, helmet handlers, shoe supervisors, and many other jobs.

We also still need snacks and hair products donated. Please look for ways you can help at:
Uniform Reminders
Band students in Beginning Band or Concert Band must have white pants, white shoes, and long white socks by Monday, December 4th.  If you haven’t purchased white pants yet, please see the uniform tab on the website for a list of suggested places.  Shoes can be found at stores such as Payless or Kohl’s.  Any all-white shoes will do (e.g. Keds, sneakers, etc.).
Thanks for Lighting Up the Band
We’d like to thank the following people for helping to light the band by putting the batteries in the sashes for the band, color guard and cheer team- our uniform coordinators: Ruth Pacini and Danielle Galindo, with help from our Symphonic Band captains: Arianna Savitt, Jenny Chung, Sarah Mesler, & Hazel Woodfin.
Important Parade Information
Symphonic Band students received Parade Packets last week.  Here is some important information regarding the upcoming parades that the Symphonic Band and Color Guard will be participating in.  Please also note that the parade packet your student received is also on the Dartmouth Bands website,

Please contact Sonya Neal at, or Scott Gardner at with any additional questions.

1. Students need to arrive on time so they can get changed into their uniforms and onto the buses.
2. Marching Band students MUST wear white underwear, long calf-length white socks, and a white or very light colored shirt.  If they wear tights or long underwear for the night parade, they MUST be white as well.
3. Color Guard students MUST wear black underwear and long calf-length black socks or tights.
4. Girls and Boys with longer hair below their ears, must have their hair pinned up.  We will have a hair station to help with this if needed, but we prefer you do this prior to arriving at Dartmouth.
5. Students should have a good meal before arriving at Dartmouth.  They are not allowed to eat while in their uniforms.
LOS ALTOS PARADE – Sunday 11/26
1. Students arrive at Dartmouth at 2:45 pm to change into uniforms and get ready
2. Buses leave at 4pm and head to Los Altos
3. Parade starts at 6pm.
4. Parking is recommended anywhere across San Antonio Rd. (on Pepper, Lyell or Cuesta streets). Please be mindful of no-parking signs, because towing will be enforced that night.
5. Parade viewing is recommended on Whitney street between First and Second streets.
6. Buses return to Dartmouth around 7:30.  Students change out of uniforms and are dismissed.

LOS GATOS PARADE – Saturday 12/2
Los Gatos Parade
1. Students arrive at Dartmouth at 8:15 am to change into uniforms and get ready
2. Buses leave at 9am and head to Los Gatos
3. Parade starts at 11am.  
4. After completing the parade, the students take a group photo in front of Los Gatos High School
5. Parking is recommended north of Los Gatos-Saratoga Road
6. Parade viewing is along Santa Cruz Ave and Main St
7. Buses return to Dartmouth between 1:30 – 2pm.  Students change out of uniforms and are dismissed.


1. Students arrive at Dartmouth at 7:20am for rehearsal.
Upcoming Dates
  • Oct. 25 – Nov. 14: See’s (Holiday) Boxed Candy Fundraiser
  • Nov. 26: Los Altos Night Parade (Symphonic Only)
  • Nov. 28: Parade Dress Rehearsal in Quad (Symphonic Only)
  • Nov. 30: Winter Contest Cover submissions due
  • Dec. 2: Los Gatos Parade (Symphonic Only)
  • Dec. 19 & 21: Winter Concerts
  • Dec. 20: Winter Assembly
Please send any feedback or questions to us at Thank you for helping make this a great year for everyone!  We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Dartmouth Music Boosters