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General Info

**Los Gatos Holiday Parade Schedule & Map**

Symphonic Band participates in a number of special events throughout the year:

  • Parade Updates:

    The Symphonic Band and Color Guard will be participating in two parades this year:  the Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade on Sunday, November 26, and the Los Gatos Children’s Christmas/Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 2.  The Los Altos parade begins at 6pm; students should plan to arrive at Dartmouth at 2:45pm.  The Los Gatos parade begins at 11am; students should plan to arrive at Dartmouth at 8am.  Our return times will be determined once we know our entry number in each parade.  We do very well in the Los Gatos Parade and we look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence!

    More information on these parades is available at:

  • On March 6th, the Symphonic Band goes “on tour” traveling to 3 of the Union School District elementary schools to introduce 5th graders to the Dartmouth band program. During this Elementary School Tour, the band members not only perform, but they also demonstrate the different instruments to the 5th graders.

  • The year culminates in May with a 4-day trip to Disneyland. The band members travel to Disneyland by bus, along with staff and chaperones. At Disneyland, the band will perform in the park and will participate in a recording session led by a Disney technical director. Many parents travel down to Disneyland on their own to watch the performance. Students will have plenty of time to enjoy the parks as a reward for their hard work throughout the year. The band will leave early in the evening of May 9th and will return late at night on May 12th.