Welcome to the DMS Choir!

The DMS Choir meets Wednesdays, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. in Room 618.  It is open to any student regardless of music or singing experience.  In choir, we learn about singing techniques, music theory, and prepare several pieces for performance throughout the year.  Other activities may include caroling, singing for our school peers, and performing in the community.


Songs to Practice:

Dream On

4 Chords

Better Place



Choir students are expected to perform in the four music concerts held at DMS each year.

Halloween – October 30 (7 p.m.)

Winter – December 19-21

Pops – Feb. 27- Mar. 1

Spring – May 22-24

There are two evening performances (Tuesday and Thursday) and one assembly (Wednesday) during school hours for each concert except Halloween, which has only one performance.


Choir students will need to have long, white pants for all performances.  It is a  good idea to purchase those now as they get difficult to find later in the year.  If your student is not in band, they will also wear a choir t-shirt.  It is highly recommended that each student purchase their own, though I do have a few to loan out at concert time.  Shirts are $15 each and are ordered at the beginning of the school year. Students in band are welcome to purchase a t-shirt as well, they just will not wear it until the Spring Concert (they will wear their band uniform instead).


Since choir only meets for an hour each week, attendance at rehearsals is critical. Students who have 2 or more unexcused absences during a performance prep period will not be allowed to perform in the following concert.  If your student is ill or needs to miss rehearsal for academic reasons, please have them talk to me so we can work out a plan for him/her to learn the music.  Additionally, students who do not attend concerts without requesting approval from Mrs. Jenkins ahead of time will be removed from choir for the remainder of the year.


Participating in choir is a privilege and behavior expectations must be met. By choosing to participate in the choir, you are agreeing to come to all rehearsals, and to have a respectful, positive attitude.  Singing in a choir requires teamwork and all of us will be counting on you to participate and do your best.  We all want to make great music and have fun together!

Donations and Fees:

Just as with sports, drama, and other after-school activities at DMS, there is no dedicated budget for choir. For that reason we ask that each student make an activities donation of $80 to participate in the DMS choir. This money helps offset the cost of music, having an accompanist, purchasing supplies and other needs for the choir. We realize not every family can make this donation – that is fine.  Give what you can, or just let us know that it is not something you can do right now.  We still want your child to come and enjoy singing with us!

Other ways you can help:  We always accept additional donations and company matching (Tax ID #77-05163333).  Consider donating a box of ice cream bars for our Frozen Friday fundraisers (September – October and March – June) or volunteering at the Valentine’s Day Dance which we sponsor.  Come spend an hour in rehearsal with us!  We love to have visitors!

Thank you again for your excitement and interest!  I am looking forward to singing with you all!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Gina Jenkins