Beginning Band


Pop Music for practicing and listening:

Mission: Impossible Theme


CupsĀ Tutorial

On Broadway




General Info:

-A packet will go home the second day of school. There is an information sheet and $6 cleaning fee that needs to be returned.

– Beginning Band will need a RED book for their instrument.

– Clarinet and saxophone players need to have reeds and cork grease. Brass players need valve oil.

-All Beginning Band students should be filling out practice slips and logging at least 15 minutes a night for practice. To get full credit, 75 minutes must be logged per week. These get turned into our lovely pink flamingo mailbox.

DO NOT WORRY if you do not yet have an instrument. We will preview all the instruments the first week of school.

-Students wishing to play percussion will need to have piano experience. Potential percussionists will be performing a simple two hand piano piece IN CLASS on the second week of school to determine their proficiency.